Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Staff
Matthew Klosky

Matthew Klosky

Associate Director for the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Assistant Professor, Business Department

Matthew’s background comes out of the technology field, where he spent 20 years in a progressively challenging series of roles.  Starting as a software developer for the department of defense, he moved into the private sector and then management while continuing to focus on technical solutions and projects.  Matthew has worked for a variety of companies and consulted for a diverse set of industries.  He got his undergraduate degrees from Frostburg State University in western Maryland and his Master’s degree from the University of North Dakota in 1995.  With almost a decade of experience as a CIO / CDO for a central Illinois tech firm, he brings a robust toolkit into the classroom to inspire, empower, and elevate the students. He is married to Tricia Klosky and lives in Winona, Minnesota where he tinkers in the shop behind their house..

OFFICE: 507.457.6938 mklosky@smumn.edu