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SMIF Student Bridge Competition

After previously winning first place in SMUMN’s own elevator pitch competition last spring, James Perreault spent the summer developing his pitch even further to present his ideas at the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation’s Entrepreneurial Bridge Competition.

Perreault, a Finance and Entrepreneurship double major, entered the Competition with his idea, the “UV Canopy,” a product that would use UV-C lighting to disinfect bacteria off the surfaces of many day-to-day items.

Overall, Perreault not only showcased his entrepreneurial ideas within his presentation, but also his entrepreneurial spirit; he was an admirable representative of the SMUMN community.

To hear more about Perreault’s journey, check out his story on the Student Spotlight page.

Elevator Pitch Competition

Kabara hosts a semi-annual elevator pitch competition where students have the opportunity to pitch their business idea in 90 seconds or less for cash prizes. Learn more about the completion by reading the rules and requirements.

Our 2018 Fall Semester Winners were:

1st Place – Sarah Hardy and Anna Dale with “Emsemble”

2nd Place – Carolyn Klaeges and Luis Avila with “Drive Coin”

3rd Place –  Jakira Robinson with “#GIRLCHAT” 


“Athletes United” – Justine Schultz and Kris Shepard

“Providing Opportunities for Prosperity” – Katherine Lofquist

“Eat Green and Go” – Lily Figel


“Weight to Wake” – Izamar Leon

“Solar Pot” – Taliya Harris 

“Soaker Socks” – Stephany Beck

Our 2018 Spring Semester Winners were

1st Place – James Perreault with “Sani-Cart”

2nd Place – Jake Mencacci, Bailey McKnight, Steven Reamer & Alex Kleve with “RIGHTFITSports”

3rd Place – Rowan Flynn and Carolyn Klaesges with “Utilizing Predictive Modeling”

Business Plan Competition

To further foster the entrepreneurial spirit within its students, the Saint Mary’s University Business Department and the Kabara Institute will periodically sponsor the business plan competition to engage and encourage business-minded students at SMUMN.

Learn more about the competition by reading the rules and requirements..